Limitless Applications

Our vision is to enable the manufacturing of novel displays, disrupt advanced semiconductor packaging and accelerate the growth and adoption of digital industrial printing.

NanoDrip™ printing is a platform printing technology with potential applications a variety of markets.
Based on a versatile MEMS process, our printheads can be taylored to the requirements of specific applications. Some markets, Scrona currently focuses on are novel display technologies, printed electronics, advanced semiconductor packaging and digital industrial printing.

Novel Display Technologies

NanoDrip™ printing is able to solve ongoing issues in the realization of next-generation microLED displays and at the same time is able to greatly simplify the production of current OLED or LCD display technology. Generally speaking, Scrona's technology will enable the industry's attempt to reduce manufacturing cost by use of additive manufacturing to replace costly microfabrication.

Printed Electronics & Advanced Semiconductor Packaging

NanoDrip™ printing can act as an enabling technology to the highly promising printed electronics market, an industry that was so far gated by the resolution and throughput constraints of current printing technology. In addition, NanoDrip™ printing also applies as disrupting alternative in the manufacturing chain of conventional silicon based electronics or MEMS technology, for example in back-end processing or in the integration of novel organic materials for sensor applications.

Digital Industrial Printing

NanoDrip™ printing, unlike inkjet printing, is capable of creating small droplets from much larger nozzles. While in graphical printing an increase in printing resolution is not as critical as in display or electronics applications, the combination of such resolution increase with larger and therefore higher-throughput nozzles allows better print quality at yet higher throughput. As result, digital printing finally becomes economically competitive against template-based printing technologies even at scale.

Other Markets

As a platform technology, NanoDrip™ electrostatic printing may transform manufacturing in other markets as well and enable the fabrication of completely new products.