Scrona was founded in 2014 as a spin-off from ETH Zurich, where the founders had previously laid the basis for Scrona’s breakthrough technology. It took another four years and the support of investors and other funding sources (including the ETH Pioneer Fellowship grant) to successfully demonstrate the functionality of Scrona’s MEMS printhead platform and with it, the economic viability of NanoDrip™ printing as a disruptive manufacturing technology.

What we do

Scrona creates a novel ultrahigh-resolution printing technology that breaks the today’s manufacturing paradigm. Because of the disruptive nature of the technology, Scrona has realized that most value can be created only if this new manufacturing technology is commercialized simultaneously with dedicated product developments. As a result, Scrona concentrates on its core competence which is printhead development and works with partners in creating solutions that entail a full package of dedicated manufacturing equipment and next-generation products.

What we offer

Scrona supports companies to substantially improve their products by providing a manufacturing technology that overcomes current paradigms in terms of printing resolution, throughput, material handling capability and 3D structuring at the sub-micron scale. Scrona is happy to answer your questions related to technical and collaboration issues.