NanoDrip™ Inkjet Printing for Additive Industrial Microfabrication

Scrona is an innovative start-up developing a novel ultrahigh-resolution inkjet technology based on electrostatic droplet actuation. With proprietary MEMS printheads, printing at the sub-micron level is possible, enabling additive, non-contact and digital industrial microfabrication.

Manufacturing Dilemma

Functional printing and microfabrication have similar goals:

Ultra-precise arrangement of multiple materials on a substrate, interconnecting them and turning them into functional components like display pixels, electronic transistors or diagnostic bio-chips.

The big difference:

Microfabrication can be more than 1’000 times more precise than printing, while in turn printing can be millions of times cheaper, particularly for low-volume production.

Scrona’s revolutionary electrostatic NanoDrip MEMS printhead is the first that enables a combination of economics and performance, potentially making current products either more economic or more powerful… or enabling completely new products altogether.

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